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so my birthday…

  1. pray more. 
  2. run. a 5k, maybe a 10k.
  3. save money. make a budget and stick to it.
  4. go veggies only for a month, or longer.
  5. step out of my comfort zone.
  6. read through the bible.
  7. go camping.
  8. stop biting my nails.
  9. watch all the star wars movies. summer 2013
  10. read the lord of the rings trilogy.
  11. learn to play a new song each month on my guitar.
  12. go the entire year without cutting my hair. (almost)
  13. get my nose pierced. done 7-28-12
  14. worry less.
  15. learn to knit or crochet. in process
  16. communicate better. quit being an out of sight-out of mind person. in process.. you can always make progress
  17. keep a plant alive.
  18. create a webpage for myself. aug 2012
  19. try eating something new. dog in the philippines
  20. bake more often and bake new things.
  21. do something nice for a stranger.
  22. be sponateous. chicago; summer 2013
  23. give more freely. not just monetarily, but also with my time.
  24. sing karoke. (this probably won’t happen, but we’ll see)

here’s my list of 24 things i wanted to do… 

50% success rate.. i’ll take it. 

not too shabby. i moved to austin. spent four months in the philippines. went to chicago for the summer and nyc for a week.

i’d call it a good year… and it all ended with a new outfit on my 25th birthday! i think that’s a win. 

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The true spirit of conversation consists more in bringing out the cleverness of others than in showing a great deal of it yourself; he who goes away pleased with himself and his own wit is also greatly pleased with you.
Jean de La Brùyere  (via thatkindofwoman)

(Source: silverslipper, via thatkindofwoman)

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i just caused a riot..

…in starbucks. 

all four employees went crazy over my pants.

”..i’m obsessed with your pants. oh my god, i didn’t see them the first time you walked by…”

-the gay manager

cue hair flip. 

i’m just livin the fab life up in here.

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